Destiny 2 introduces new Breakthrough PvP gametype, adds new maps

Back again, etc.

Yesterday, Destiny 2 received a pretty sizeable content update that introduced a new Crucible gametype as well as three new maps (or four, if you’re a PS4 player). The new gametype, known as Breakthrough, is a 4v4 game mode that will be joining the rotation in the Crucible’s competitive playlist. To win a Breakthrough match, each team must vie for control of a central capture point, after which the controlling team must deploy a Breaker. While the Breaker is being deployed, the non-controlling team can contest the capture point to deploy a Breaker of its own.

Once a Breaker is deployed, however, it turns into an attackers-vs-defenders scenario in which the team that managed to deploy the Breaker must assault and hack the enemy team’s vault within a given time limit. If the attackers manage to successfully hack the vault, they win, but if the defending team manages to hold them off until the time limit expires, then the defenders will take the round. The first team to win three rounds wins the match.

In addition to the new gametype, Bungie has also introduced three new maps, called Equinox, Firebase Echo, and The Citadel, which were designed to complement the new Breakthrough mode. PlayStation 4 players also get an additional map, called Gambler’s Ruin. It’s also worth noting that the Iron Banner map Convergence — itself a reworking of Pantheon from the original Destiny — will also be one of the maps in rotation for the Breakthrough gametype. Breakthrough is playable this week as the featured Crucible playlist, and it will be added to the Competitive playlist beginning next week on October 2nd.


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