World of Warcraft unlocks a new Raid Finder wing, the community rallies for a book and a mod creator


The second Raid Finder wing of Uldir is open now for players who have no interest in assembling a standard raid group in World of Warcraft. Yes, it’s still carefully released in steady increments over the course of several weeks even though it’s already rewarding worse gear than anything else. It’s kind of silly, but at least that means everyone will be doing this second wing at the same time, right?

There’s even a handy set of simple mechanical guides that were posted to Twitter, which you can probably expect to see a few dozen times over the course of the fight.

Meanwhile, the community around the game has proven to just be pretty awesome all around. The maker of the popular addon Deadly Boss Mods announced he would need to step down from work due to medical issues and a lack of support, which resulted in the community sextupling his Patreon support and Blizzard itself sending him a whole chunk of new computing equipment. The WoW Diary Kickstarter also funded at nearly $600,000, far surpassing its target value and ensuring that people who love reading about development will have a new book for the shelf.


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DBM, man. Has there ever been an addon that’s impacted a game so much? The people making the game no doubt design bosses around the knowledge that the players will have DBM. It’s just such a game changer.


When I found out that DBM was maintained by one dude … I was in shock. DBM is basically essential to raiding. Or Mythics. Or anything, really. I got on the $3 tier immediately on his Patreon and that is, frankly, money well-spent. If you want to support him, consider tossing him a dollar or three on his Patreon (just google Deadly Boss Mods patreon). That guy is a freakin’ hero.