Heroes & Generals introduces game-changing Update 1.12, ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’


Developer RETO MOTO’s free-to-play FPS Heroes & Generals has received its “biggest update ever” in the form of Update 1.12. In the update, which has been dubbed “Deploy! Drive! Destroy!” the devs say they “more or less ripped out the core elements of hte game to facilitate a large number of gameplay changes, feature upgrades and implementations.” Among the myriad sweeping changes is the brand-new deploy system, which is designed to be “simpler and more flexible” and to “[make] it easier to setup a squad with your friends and play the soldier you want to play” by allowing players to switch their roles in the midst of battle.

The devs have also completely reworked the game’s vehicle armor system: “Now it really DOES matter WHERE and HOW you attack an enemy vehicle,” the official site says, so it sounds like vehicles now have location-specific armor that takes varying degrees of damage from different weapon types. Players now can also “damage or immobilize vehicles with critical hits to components such as engine, transmission, fuel tank or ammunition, gun turret, wing, rudder and so on,” which should give players more options to deal with enemy vehicles even when they can’t destroy them outright.

Vehicle handling has also been updated “to make [vehicles] feel more authentic while keeping a balance between realism and fun to drive.” And in a similar vein, the new terrain system makes it so that vehicles will handle differently on different types of terrain, allowing players to put their environments to tactical use.

Update 1.12 is live now, and if you want to know more about it, you can check out the full patch notes on the game’s official site.

Source: Press Release, Official Site
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