The MOP Up: Sony’s PlayStation 3 sunset apocalypse


Sony’s decision to shut down several online servers for some past PlayStation 3 games on October 25th is shaping up to be a sunset apocalypse of sorts. In addition to taking Twisted Metal and PlayStation All-Stars offline-only, the move will effectively end the 10-year-old Warhawk, as it only featured an online mode.

Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have, drop us a tip)!

The Prosperous Universe team is upping its marketing game and wrapping up the first of five planned phases to get this scifi sandbox ready for launch.

World of Tanks started to sell branded products, from keyboards to headsets, at retail stores in Europe and online. All of these items also come with in-game goodies. [Source: press release]

Update 34 for Conan Exiles has wound its way over to the PlayStation 4 with the new Jhebbal Sag religion and plenty of exploit fixes.

Forget the new world boss that came with Lineage 2 Revolution’s recent update and grab yourself a ride on a… cute bicycle instead?

Avast ye downloaders! Paladins is all about the pirates with its Dark Tides patch. Will ye be walking this plank?

FreeSO, the Sims Online emulator, needs some community suggestions to name its neighborhoods.

Blizzard gave Hearthstone fans a sneak peek at a new art book that shows the making of this digital card game. It’ll be out on October 15th.

Patch 0.54 landed in Survarium with a new Cooling Tower map that features a slaughter game mode. Sounds… civil?

Ostian Repeaters. You have to admit that Dauntless’ latest weapons are wicked cool to behold.

Testing progresses on Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 23, with the latest build containing even more balance adjustments.

EverQuest II’s Fallen Gate TLE server added seven additional Shadow Odyssey zones to keep its players busy!

Spoooooooky holidays are upon Pirate101!

Prepare for Age of Discovery with this Star Trek Online short story that documents an act of terrorism at Starfleet Academy. Then read another to meet the key villain of the mini-expansion.

Scope out League of Legends’ new South Korean stadium, called LoL Park, which can seat up to 500 people to watch some serious e-sports.

EVE Online finally is distributing recruitment rewards from the the old program for those who didn’t claim them before the new program went live.

If you’re new to SoulWorker or thinking about giving that MMO a try, you might want to get a crash course on the game from this video:

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