Embers Adrift goes free through November 5th for its first anniversary

The first anniversary for indie MMO Embers Adrift arrives this month, and Stormhaven Studios is capitalizing on the moment to entice players to its...

MUD creator Richard Bartle’s seminal book on designing MMOs is now free

When MMORPG players encounter the name "Bartle," they think less malt liquor and more a man who helped to pioneer the massively multiplayer online...

Blade and Soul tosses free level 60 character boosts your way

Blade and Soul is gearing up for a big week as it prepares to roll out its Endless Night content patch on July 14th....

PSA: The Division is free for the next week

As the world continues to deal with the ongoing pandemic, there's nothing like jumping into a video game that... deals with a pandemic? OK,...

Star Citizen is kicking off a free-fly for alpha 3.7 right now

If you've been eyeing Star Citizen's alpha 3.7 incremental patches wondering whether there's enough there there to take a peek, then good news for...

Tomorrow’s Tree of Savior update will introduce four new classes, open new zones, and raise the level cap

A major update is about to land in free-to-play MMO action-RPG Tree of Savior, bringing with it four new classes, an array of new...

Apex Legends dataminers unearth Battle Pass details, potential new game mode

So far, all we know about Apex Legends's upcoming Battle Pass is that it exists and will be introduced to the game when its...
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Final Fantasy XIV’s basic edition is free for Twitch Prime users until May

With a new expansion on the way in July and a continual schedule of content updates, you may very well be tempted to try...

New MapleStory 2 previews the Maple Arena and other Skybound Expansion content

Tomorrow, the first phase of MapleStory 2's Skybound Expansion will take flight, bringing with it a slew of new content. In preparation for the...

Blade & Soul’s Theater of Mystery update takes the stage today

Today, NCSoft is pulling back the curtain on Blade & Soul's latest update, Theater of Mystery, which introduces an increased level cap, a new...

EVE Evolved: Making the most of EVE Online’s Onslaught expansion

EVE Online's Onslaught expansion goes live in just a few days on November 13th, and it looks like it has a little bit of...

Dauntless introduces a new behemoth, the Riftstalker

Something wicked Dauntless's way comes. This year's Dark Harvest has just gotten a whole lot darker with the arrival of a brand-new behemoth, the...
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MapleStory 2 invites players to visit a totally-not-haunted hotel for Halloween, celebrates 1M registered players

Although the folks at Nexon are probably still recuperating after the launch of MapleStory 2 -- which has already garnered over a million account...

MapleStory 2 is dealing with rash of gross player cosmetic uploads because of course it is

One of the more unique features of the recently launched MapleStory 2 is the ability for players to design and create custom cosmetic items...

Tactical space shooter Dreadnought launches on Steam

Developer Six Foot has announced the official launch of its free-to-play space shooter Dreadnought. The game, which includes the new launch update Command the...

Armored Warfare details upcoming improvements as part of its New Horizons project

Last month, Obsidian Entertainment and announced the New Horizons project for their free-to-play tank combat game Armored Warfare, which aims to "significantly improve...

Heroes & Generals introduces game-changing Update 1.12, ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’

Developer RETO MOTO's free-to-play FPS Heroes & Generals has received its "biggest update ever" in the form of Update 1.12. In the update, which...

Closers update reopens Gremory’s Laboratory andintroduces contribution point system

The latest update for Naddic Games's anime brawler Closers has reintroduced Gremory's Laboratory, added the contribution point system, and implemented a slew of quality-of-life...

Wizard101 and Pirate101 celebrate Halloween with festive crown shop items

The month's Halloween events continue to roll out, this time in KingsIsle's family-friendly MMOs Pirate101 and Wizard101. Both games are getting into the Samhain...

Dauntless comes out guns blazing with upcoming Repeater weapon

Next week, Dauntless slayers will have a new weapon in their arsenals as Phoenix Labs introduces the brand-new Repeaters. These handcannons may be small,...