Tomorrow’s Tree of Savior update will introduce four new classes, open new zones, and raise the level cap


A major update is about to land in free-to-play MMO action-RPG Tree of Savior, bringing with it four new classes, an array of new zones, an increased level cap, and a slew of new in-game events. When the update goes live tomorrow, the Archer and Scout class trees will be receiving two new additions each: Archers will be able to advance into the cannon-wielding Matross and the beast-slaying Tiger Hunter, while Scouts will gain access to the explosive-tossing Ardito and the pistol-slinging Sherriff. In addition, the level cap will be raised to 420, and players will be able to venture forth into 11 new regions full of new monsters to slay and quests to complete to bring them up to the new cap.

On top of that, the update will also kick off a bunch of new in-game events, including the new Growing Together event, which will provide new and returning players with the opportunity to kick-start their journeys by collecting Adventure Sprouts that can be exchanged for a variety of useful items and boosts. In addition, players new and old alike will be able to benefit from the Growing Evergreen Weekend Boosts, which will grant players double experience gains and increased movement speed every weekend from Saturday, May 18th, until Sunday, June 16th. That more or less covers the high points of the new additions coming in tomorrow’s patch, but there are plenty of other changes coming as well, so if you want to read up on all of them, you can find the full patch notes over on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes. Thanks, Colton!

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Castagere Shaikura

Does this game still have those strange controls? I just don’t know who came up with that thing.

Nick Smith

Good question. I was turned off by the wonky controls too when it first released.

Bruno Brito

Ragnarok stopped at lvl 99, why does this game feels the need to increase to these humongous caps?