Tactical space shooter Dreadnought launches on Steam


Developer Six Foot has announced the official launch of its free-to-play space shooter Dreadnought. The game, which includes the new launch update Command the Colossal, is billed as a “tactical shooter featuring massive capital ships.” It pits players against one another in 8v8 matches “across exotic locations around our solar system.”

Players can acquire and command “over 70 customizable vessels from five specialized classes,” and with each victory, they’ll unlock “more advanced ships, modules and more.” The current version of the game includes the Deathmatch, Onslaught — a PvPvE mode “in which players battle both the enemy team’s ships and neutral AI vessels” — and Conquest game modes, and a post-release update will add the Havoc gametype as well as the ability for players to create custom matches to play with their friends. You can check out the game for free on Steam, or scroll on below for the official launch trailer.

Source: Press Release

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Axetwin .

Why do all the really cool sounding games have to be PvP focused? So disappointing.


Well my friend and I are re-downloading again tonight.
We used to play this and quite liked it but it needed a lot of work – that was two years ago.
I am hoping they have managed some balancing issues but I am thinking that without a properly sized player base they may not be able to do it.

So everyone go try it lol

Dug From The Earth

I enjoy it more than the World of Warships game which plays kinda similar.

The visuals are great

However… the devs arent the sharpest tools in the shed, thats for sure

On release day, after years of alpha and beta testing, they release an entirely revamped UI and menu system for the game that is just awful and completely untested. Not only that, but the UI itself is super buggy causing you to drop group with people, and causing you to not be able to purchase upgrades for your ships to name just a couple serious ones.

Added to that, launch day woe’s… their servers cant seem to handle even 1500 players, as they go down about every 2 hours, as well as suffering from log in issues. I mean…1500 players? Thats like a game that is barely alive. All these other games support 20k+ players on launch, many without issues. Hell, even freaking Eternal Crusade had 40k (no pun intended) players at launch without many issues (as far as servers go)

To top it off, they decided to do the first “live” version of the game on steam… big mistake… You dont release on steam when you have your own launcher and site when you havent ironed out all the launch issues. You really only get one chance to make an impression on steam before your game gets review bombed and your game falls off the map completely… which by the looks of things, is headed that direction.

Its unfortunately, because I have a lot of fun playing this game… but because of stupid dev/management decisions, the game will probably shut down in 2-3 months at best.

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I’ve seen this on Twitch a few times and it looks fun and very attractive but it also looked like it would get old and repetitive very quickly.

It seemed to lean very heavy into the Trinity play too (Tank, DPS and Healer ships) so is very much aimed at groups rather than individuals even though it does have AI ship enemies.

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But it’s got REALLY BIG SHIPS! I’m in heaven! :)


I still remember the great trailer for this from years ago when 3 badass fighters get smeared like bugs on a windshield: “Minor impacts detected across the bow, sir.” Heh.


It is pretty and yes, it gets old/repetitive very quickly. The trinity play kept me around for a bit longer than this type of PvP game normally would (for a couple of extra weeks maybe) but I haven’t really even thought about this game since launch.