Tape. Lots of tape.

Blade & Soul is getting its Unreal Engine 4 upgrade on September 8

It's time for Blade & Soul to look better with the game's upcoming engine upgrade to Unreal Engine 4. That feels like it's been...
Oh, victis.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis gets a new trailer and developer-narrated gameplay footage

Remember Siege Survival: Gloria Victis? Well, you should; it's the spinoff to the eponymous Gloria Victis that focuses on managing your way out of...
And then, smashy.

Check out the latest combat footage trailer from Blade & Soul 2

We don't mean to shock anyone with this revelation, but Blade & Soul 2 is going to involve fighting stuff at various points. Possibly...

Atlas Reactor spinoff title Atlas Rogues now has a trailer to enjoy

The presence of Atlas Rogues - a roguelite spinoff of the sadly defunct Atlas Reactor based on what was apparently an early prototype - is the...

Sea of Thieves introduces the Ashen Lords with today’s update

It's all over in Sea of Thieves, because you now have to fight skeletons covered in fire. Yes, the Ashen Lords arrive on the...
Oh, that clears it up nicely.

New cross-platform Korean MMO RISE gets a story trailer

A grizzled Standard Video Game Protagonist (model option 2C, Young Man Stubble Beard) has a horse. There is no one else and no civilization...
Why fix issues when we could double down?

The Lahn arrives in Black Desert Mobile’s Korean edition

The mobile version of Black Desert Online, appropriately dubbed Black Desert Mobile so you know exactly what you're getting, is not quite up to...

Bless Unleashed unveils a trailer for the Mage class

Who needs weapons to lay waste to enemies? Certainly not the Mage in Bless Unleashed. This class is all about delivering devastation to the battlefield...

Enter the Scarlet Conservatory in Blade & Soul’s Scarlet Tears update, coming May 15

Blade & Soul has announced that its next major update, Scarlet Tears, will be going live on May 15th, bringing with it a new...

Build and battle steampunk machines in new multiplayer shooter Steamcraft

If you're into steam-powered machines and the construction -- and subsequent explosive destruction -- thereof, then you might be interested to know that steampunky...

Sea of Thieves previews fishing and cooking in new Hunter’s Call update trailer

Avast, mateys, what's that on the horizon? Could it be Sea of Thieves' anniversary update, The Hunter's Call, poised to hit the high seas...

Preregistration opens for Talion, Gamevil’s new mobile MMO

Mobile game publisher Gamevil has announced that its upcoming mobile MMO Talion is coming to the U.S. and Europe, and players can preregister now...
I do crimes.

Overwatch’s 30th hero, Baptiste, has officially joined the fray

The doctor will see you now -- you better hope you're on his good side, though. Overwatch's 30th hero, the combat medic Baptiste, is...

Indie space-mining MMO Exocraft has launched today

If you're a fan of building spaceships and mining space rocks but aren't so much of a fan of the spreadsheets and subterfuge that...

ARK’s Homestead update introduces new building pieces, revamps kibble system

ARKitechts, rejoice -- ARK's Homestead update went live yesterday, and it brought with it some vast improvements to structure placement options as well as...

Ascent: Infinite Realm’s SEA closed beta begins April 25th

The SEA closed beta for Bluehole Studio's upcoming fantasy-steampunk MMO Ascent: Infinite Realm will begin on April 25th, according to a recent announcement from...
Old town road optional.

Brave the American frontier in Virtual Basement’s upcoming Outlaws of the Old West, published by Snail Games

Step aside, Red Dead Online; there's a new wild-west sandbox moseying into town -- the newly announced Outlaws of the Old West from developer...

Nexon’s ‘next-gen’ mobile MMO AxE: Alliance vs Empire is coming westward ‘soon this year’

Nexon is fairly well known for being one of the most prolific developers of MMOs in the industry, and today the studio announced that...

Rangers of Oblivion brings monster-hunting action to mobile devices

The kill-and-craft subgenre of action-RPG pioneered by Capcom's Monster Hunter series has achieved great popularity as of late, thanks in large part to Monster...

Slash and dismember your way through possessed villagers in The Black Masses

If hacking and slashing your way across an island filled with throngs of possessed inhabitants sounds like a good time to you, then you...