Atlas Reactor spinoff title Atlas Rogues now has a trailer to enjoy


The presence of Atlas Rogues – a roguelite spinoff of the sadly defunct Atlas Reactor based on what was apparently an early prototype – is the sort of story you’d have a hard time believing if it didn’t already get announced. But it’s true, this is a thing that’s happening, and the latest press release announcing the game (again) includes a full-on trailer for the new title. If you’re curious about how the game’s PvP gameplay can translate into co-op PvE, well, this is here for you.

The announcement also confirms that the game should be available for purchase as a full release in 2021, with early access slated to start on November 18th, 2020. So while the game’s original PvP focus is still gone, if you enjoyed the playstyle or the general style of the game, you won’t have to do without it for much longer. Sometimes weird stories do have happy endings after all.


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Bruno Brito

It’s a fun game and i’ll check it out for sure.


Oooh roguelite. I hadn’t read that yet. That makes this interesting.

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Scott Leyes

Welllllllll……… let’s be real, here: it’s an EDITED trailer, 90% is just re-cut footage from one of the original trailers.