Elder Scrolls Online: Update 28’s ‘stickerbook’ and washing ya damn hands


When The Elder Scrolls Online’s Markarth DLC launches next week, the free update 28 launches along with it, and one of its tentpole features is the item set collection system, which has now been profiled in a dev blog on the official site.

“With Update 28’s Item Set Collection system, you can add almost all of your item sets to your Collections UI, helping you collect all of ESO’s gear and free up that oh-so-precious storage space,” ZeniMax Online Studios says. The goal here is to both deal with the “inventory burden” for these sets as well as generate a new “endgame chase” that the devs are calling the “stickerbook.”

“Found within your Collections, this new ‘stickerbook’ gives you a clear idea of where almost all of ESO’s set drops are and which ones you’ve obtained. The ability to track which pieces you’ve looted is important, as it helps to lower the cost of reconstructing the items later. […] Being able to track which sets you’ve collected will be very useful, but any veteran ESO player will immediately understand the value of no longer having to store item sets within their banks, inventories, or coffers.”

Finally, as a PSA here, you’ve got only a few days left to snag the /washyourdamnhands emote in ESO as part of the October login rewards. Go get it, and then do it!


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Great emote! I hope someone mods one into Skyrim.

Toy Clown

I’m excited about the sticker book approach. Finally! I can clear out some storage chests and use them for furniture instead. Speaking of, where’s the sticker book for furniture?

Kickstarter Donor

Loving the Collections approach, finally I can break stuff down for mats without fear of losing it due to lack of bank space lol