Gamigo officially announces the Atlas Reactor rogue-lite co-op PvE title Atlas Rogues


So let’s review: In the middle of October, the Atlas Reactor Twitter account suddenly sprang to life with confirmed activity from several official Twitter accounts, fueling speculation that the game was coming back from its June 2019 sunset. Then, a couple of days later, some former devs of the title took to the game’s community Discord to reveal that this wasn’t a return of the old PvP title, but an entirely new co-op PvE game. Now, Gamigo has further offered up more details, including a name: Atlas Rogues.

“Time is ticking in the city of Atlas. In 30 days, the last Reactor on the planet will explode, along with everything else. Only you can stop it, but the Trusts stand in your way. Before you can save the city, you’ll need to recruit a team and earn enough funds (ISO) to survive. Defeat Trust forces in fast-paced, dynamic encounters to earn the cash and equipment you’ll need to take on the Trust bosses. Reach out to lancer contacts to gather enough intel to reveal the location of their strongholds, then steal their Reactor keys to solve the dark mystery behind the meltdown.”

While the game is effectively running on a timer, not stopping the aforementioned meltdown doesn’t mean the game ends, as time will loop back and content will change; missions and rewards will adjust dynamically, enemy forces will upgrade along with players’ growing power, and every run promises to unlock new characters, talents, gear, missions, and story elements to stop the time loop and the meltdown.

Gameplay runs in similar Atlas Reactor fashion with turn-based tactical action in either single player or four-person co-op, though the description notes turns will be shorter and action will be faster paced. Progression involves gathering gear and supercharging abilities as well as hiring other freelancers that can gain XP and further grow. There are even promised points where having the right lancer in a team can affect event choices.

The post promises to answer additional player questions as well as map out early access plans “in the days to come.” For now, players can at least get the broad strokes rundown in the offered introduction.

source: Reddit
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