Atlas Reactor’s revival is actually a story-driven co-op game that was part of original prototyping


Gamigo surprised a lot of gamers this week when a number of confirmed Twitter accounts started stirring the pot for a return of Atlas Reactor, the turn-based strategic team PvP game that it sunsetted last year. However, developer announcements from a community-built Discord of the game have now unveiled that this Atlas Reactor will be an entirely different game — one that first came up during prototyping and development of the original title.

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The so-called Alliance project uses the same gameplay of Atlas Reactor but in a narrative-focused four-player co-op title, which was plucked by former lead class designer Colin Krausnick and presented to Gamigo when the publisher started shopping around for games that could be developed internally with a small team. Gamigo then reached out to a number of former Atlas Reactor devs, and the Alliance project started to take shape as its own title.

The game’s former CM further clarified that the new title will be “turn-based, rogue-lite, and PvE,” with the hopes that the game will draw in an even bigger audience than Atlas Reactor did.

Further details about this new title will be shared next week, including information about gameplay features, while the game itself will first enter early access at some time in the future.

source: Discord
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