Ashes of Creation first pre-alpha preview test is slated for December


A letter from creative director Steven Sharif has offered up some most interesting tidbits for Ashes of Creation followers. The letter first starts off with an expected look back at “rapid” development progress and touting several 4K resolution gameplay videos, but the real meat of the post comes in the form of a schedule for alpha one.

The alpha test will have three pre-alpha preview tests, with the first two kicking off on December 18th and February 19th for four days and the third starting on March 19th for a week. The first two tests will be under NDA lock and key, but the third will have no NDA. Finally, the actual alpha one test will launch on April 6th for one month. The pre-tests are meant to iron out bugs for alpha one, while the actual alpha one test is intended to test the game’s base mechanics.

Sharif stresses that the alpha build of Ashes of Creation is a “true development alpha” and hopes that players and viewers will appreciate that the title is still in heavy development with help from the community. “Given time and talent, amazing things can happen, so make sure you help us in communicating that we are in open development which means people get to see the bare bones before the meat,” the post asks.

source: official site, newsletter. Thanks to Leiloni and Velein!

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Toy Clown

While still on the fence about playing this title, I do have to say the team has improved leaps and bounds in how they communicate, how they set deadlines, and the monthly newsletters are even enjoyable to pick through in their text form. If Steven can ever get on the same level as Yoshi-P with his product, I’ll probably play just for that!


Can’t wait


The problems with these games is that they get teased for so long before they are playable that people just gradually lose interest over time. I know I did. I read about Crowfall back in 2015, that it was going to be some old-school hardcore MMO and I got really hyped, then after a year or so, I stopped following it and ultimately forgot about it, when I was finally sent a key to test the game, I played for 30 minutes and I uninstalled it. If I was still hyped, I might’ve played it more, but I wasn’t and I was just looking at it as a regular player who has no emotional investment in it and it was just bad, bland and boring.

I hope the same doesn’t happen with Ashes of Creation, but at this point, I’m neither invested, nor hyped, nor following what’s going on aside from stumbling on articles like this. I wish them to accomplish what they set out to do and ultimately create a game that’s both profitable and fun for the players, but until it becomes REALLY available, like an Open/Closed Beta that is constantly running, not just for a week or a month, I may take a closer look.

Even New World looked somewhat interesting watching other people play, but when I got invited and played it, like with Crowfall – I uninstalled it after 30 minutes, because of the same issues – bland, bad and boring.

Jo Watt

With most of the games you could tell after 1 or 2 years that they didn’t appear to be moving along much. So like you I dropped interest pretty quick.

It happened with AoC too simply because they used the BR to test everything (which I understand why and its good they did just BR isnt my thing) and they ended up having to redo things from the ground up and were slightly quiet for a bit.

However lately they have been popping off with dev updates and gameplay footage showing huge leaps in progress from what we saw just a year or two ago now and its still not even close to 100%.

I’m still in a wait and see mode but definitely the only one that is keeping my attention.

James Balmer

I agree. These games need to be hyped and shown around a year before launch to keep momentum. I understand that by showing it early it might garner interest, and that helps with investors, etc. But waiting half a decade for a game isn’t appealing to anyone.


This might be a you thing and how you think about the games as opposed to the process itself. I had a ton of fun with New World’s Preview Event even after having played in the very first PvP-Heavy Alpha years ago. Crowfall isn’t a game I was ever really into, but AoC I’m excited for still and don’t even have A1 Access, so I’ll just be watching.

You can’t hype yourself up for games in development because they’re always going to be years away. Pop in here and there to see what’s going on and then pop back out of the news. Just maintain a healthy level of excitement and leave it at that. :)


I just had the chance to have a very nice chat with Steven about the letter today. Lots of good stuff came out of that discussion. Its great to see him growing as a leader.


Looking at the videos on YouTube it’s pretty nice to see Steven doesn’t try to game the ambiguous “alpha” or “beta” definitions to the extent of calling barely functioning game engine test a “beta” (like some other developers do) ;-)
Anyway, nice to see them progressing pretty steadily and still expanding the company – they still have 21 open positions just for US. Hopefully they’ll fill all of them quickly and this will help them to finish the game in a next couple of years.