Sea of Thieves previews fishing and cooking in new Hunter’s Call update trailer


Avast, mateys, what’s that on the horizon? Could it be Sea of Thieves’ anniversary update, The Hunter’s Call, poised to hit the high seas at the end of this month? Why yes, yes it is, and the devs have just released today a new trailer highlighting some of the new features players can look forward to. One of the major new additions coming with the update is the eponymous Hunter’s Call trading company, which brings with it the time-honored art of fishing. Players will be able to angle up a variety of sealife across the world, including some particularly rare species that will require the correct bait, a good cast, and plenty of patience to fish up.

Anglers can take their hauls to the Hunter’s Call to sell for some cold, hard cash, or they can break out the pots and pans and have a good old-fashioned fish fry. With the expanded cooking system, players can whip up a variety of meals that, when properly cooked, will provide “an extended dose of health replenishment,” but be sure not to burn it — or worse, undercook it. No pirate wants to get food poisoning out on the high seas.

And of course, piracy isn’t all about leisurely fishing trips and lavish meals. In fact, it’s… generally not about that at all. It’s more about stabbing, shooting, and that sort of thing, which is where the new harpoon gun comes in. Each ship will now come outfitted with two harpoon guns at its bow. Although you probably won’t be taking down Moby Dick with them, they’re still remarkably versatile tools that can be used to pull flotsam aboard your ship, tether your ship to an enemy vessel to make boarding easier, and more. You can check out some of the new content in action in the new trailer below, or head over to the official site for more details.


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So the “big anniversary update” contains fishing and harpoons. Man this game is suuuuuuper dry on actual content. What an absolute waste..

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