Blade & Soul is getting its Unreal Engine 4 upgrade on September 8

Tape. Lots of tape.

It’s time for Blade & Soul to look better with the game’s upcoming engine upgrade to Unreal Engine 4. That feels like it’s been something that’s been “coming soon” for half of forever, but it’s really about to happen with the imminent arrival of the patch on September 8th. A better-looking and better-performing version of the title is right around the corner, if you consider a month-long wait to be a small corner!

Of course, that’s not all that’s coming with the new update, as the trailer down below helpfully informs everyone. Players can also look forward to the new Dual Blade class, which – true to its name – hacks away at enemies with paired swords. There are also new dungeons and associated new bosses to fight through, whether you do that with your new Dual Blade character or one of the existing classes. Look forward to the whole shebang on September 8th, and keep your eyes peeled for more information as the date approaches.

Source: Press release
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