The director for Riot Games’ Runeterra MMO turns his mind to character customization


Mark Yetter, the director for the in-development MMO set in the world of Runeterra, has character creation on the brain, at least according to a couple of tweets from his personal account, where he poses a TDG-like question:

“Being able to build your character identity that is just right for you is a rare ‘have your cake and eat it too’ scenario for game design. The thought that I’ve been spinning on a lot is – what can be done to encourage players to try new things and differentiate their looks? (Avoid everyone ending up with a cookie cutter look)”

The question has spawned no shortage of replies and reaction on both Twitter and Reddit (the latter of which was almost immediately derailed by what was described in the replies as “gamer angst”). Most people reference having good slider options, others point to transmog systems as a way for characters to stand out, while others seem to knit their brows in confusion, assuming Yetter has never actually played an MMORPG before. In any event, it is some possible food for thought.

Just as a refresher, Riot’s MMO has had a weird and winding road to its development. While the game was first officially confirmed last December, there was a lot of “will they won’t they” before then, as Riot’s co-founder asked if the studio should make an MMO, then claimed he was joking, followed by a tease, a flat denial, then the reveal of Project F, and then the December announcement. We’ve pulled together all of the related stories in a list.

source: Twitter
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