Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street confirms that Riot Games is working on a League of Legends MMO

Theoretically there's a non-jerk version of this out there, but...

Are you ready for that League of Legends MMO? Because it looks as though it’s actually going to be coming your way.

On Thursday evening, former World of Warcraft developer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street dropped one heckuva bomb on Twitter when he announced that he’s heading up a “massive” project at Riot Games to expand the League of Legends universe. When asked about what this game was, specifically, Street confirmed: “It is an MMO.”

The post was an indirect recruitment ad for a team for the newly formed task force, which suggests that this project will be a long while in the coming. Still, a League MMO has been on many a gamer’s wish list for a while now and has been teased more than once, so it’s very exciting to see this finally happening!

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Source: Twitter. Cheers, Yulian.
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