Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street confirms that Riot Games is working on a League of Legends MMO

Theoretically there's a non-jerk version of this out there, but...

Are you ready for that League of Legends MMO? Because it looks as though it’s actually going to be coming your way.

On Thursday evening, former World of Warcraft developer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street dropped one heckuva bomb on Twitter when he announced that he’s heading up a “massive” project at Riot Games to expand the League of Legends universe. When asked about what this game was, specifically, Street confirmed: “It is an MMO.”

The post was an indirect recruitment ad for a team for the newly formed task force, which suggests that this project will be a long while in the coming. Still, a League MMO has been on many a gamer’s wish list for a while now and has been teased more than once, so it’s very exciting to see this finally happening!

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Source: Twitter. Cheers, Yulian.

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Good for them…

I always like to see how companies that hit it big with games spend all the money they made. It’s the difference between the studio’s that are one-hit wonders and the studios that make it big.

Look at the difference between what blizzard did with their wow money ..

Bought themselves out from under Vevendi… Hearthstone… Overwatch… ect

and what CCP did with their EVE money….

Dust…. All the crappy VR titles… Gunjack… whatever that weird PVE shooter was going to be called… Valkyrie maybe?… A whitewolf vampire game…. All failures and now the cash cow is drying up.

I also wanna see what EPIC is gonna do with their fortnite money and now we’ve got RIOT finally spending more of the mountain of cash LoL has made them.

Interesting times.

IronSalamander8 .

I’ve never played LoL so can’t say how good or bad it is as an actual game. Riot games don’t exactly inspire confidence though between the articles about their horrendous corporate culture, the fact that LoL’s playerbase has such a bad reputation that when I played WoT, people there were;” If you think this game has some a-holes, it has nothing on LoL’ (which is scary), and the dumpster dire that is Valorant’s economic model. So not sure how to react this beyond some skepticism. What I have seen of the characters in LoL seems very disjointed for a consistent world but again, it may be because I’m on the outside looking in kind of thing.

I am looking forward to Hytale from before Riot got involved and so far that game seems to be largely left to Hypixel without Riot messing about but details on Hytale are still vague.

Luckily I have MOP to keep me informed on how this will turn out over time so I can make a better assessment as information becomes known.

Jeremy Barnes

I hope Ion had another pair of pants handy.

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Saying this as someone who lasted about two months with a friend in LoL last year before I uninstalled it … I’m very glad to hear they’re doing this.

Whether you hate LoL, love it or are ambivalent to it is kind of meaningless as having a huge studio build an MMO like this is a big deal.

The more big investments the better for the MMOscape.

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

BIG FAT YES! I’m so hyped for this MMO! Runeterra is an absolutely awesome world

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Bhima Jenkins

Wonder if they are going to make a truly cross-platform MMO and one that allows for either K/M or controller? Fortnite, though not an MMO did this well. Its also one of the bigger pluses to ESO imo.

Matthäus Wey

Now, while that sounds promising to some degree, an MMO can literally be anything.


Launching in second part of the decade probably. so hold your horses…


So that is the rock Ghostcrawler (I own a yacht therefore I’m better than you) Street crawled under.

Hard pass


I’ve never played League and know nothing about its “universe”, but this will be an interesting one to follow. Very few companies are making big investments in the MMO genre, and Riot is a major player with huge resources and a popular IP.

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Bhima Jenkins

Agreed. I haven’t played League either as it isn’t my type of game, but some of the skills and how you play seem interesting and well polished. That plus their massive resources and Ghostcrawler make this intriguing.