Riot Games continues to tease the possibility of an MMORPG

What is Riot Games up to these days? The League of Legends studio is intentionally stirring up community interest over its future plans, first teasing the possibility of developing an MMO and then later laughing it off.

But here’s a thought: What if this is actually happening? Many people seem to think that Riot Games is hinting at secret projects in the works, and a new interview with Variety seems to indicate that an MMO might be one of these. At the very least, the studio confirmed that it is “exploring lots of different games” with its research and development department.

“The [MMO] tweet was a bit controversial internally,” Riot Co-Founder Marc Merrill said. “Absolutely there was some risk, we may never deliver on that question, on the other hand, it is so validating and exciting to have players’ minds focused on what could come.”

He declined to affirm or deny if an MMORPG was in the works, saying instead, “I’m not going to answer that directly. The question that is really interesting and relevant is, ‘What does the future of MMOs look like?’ I think we have a view, others have a view, players have a view. World of Warcraft continues to be a dominating game. There is a really good argument that going head-to-head with WoW may not be the best move, but who knows. We’re exploring a lot of stuff, thinking about a lot of stuff.”

Source: Variety
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