Riot’s Marc Merrill was just joking about a League of Legends MMO

Well well well, how the turntable.

It’s always good to know that this genre that we love and enjoy can be the butt of the games industry’s jokes. Last week, Riot Games co-founder Marc Merrill asked Twitter if the studio should build an MMO. Nobody knew whether or not he was being serious, but it was kind of exciting to speculate about what a League of Legends-flavored MMORPG would be like.

Turns out that, ha ha, it was just a joke and aren’t you precious for buying into it? Riot NA Communications Director Justin Kranzl clarified that Merrill was being merely glib: “He was being playful around the release of this world map — and wants to encourage our players to think of what Riot’s long-term goals could look like.”

Slow clap there, Riot. Slow clap.

Source: Variety
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