Riot’s League of Legends MMO: ‘We’re going to make some choices that you may not agree with’


Let this post be your intermittent reminder that, yes, Riot Games is working on an unnamed and not-quite-officially-announced MMORPG. Of some kind. The project was revealed last December to be set in the Runeterra universe, and Riot Games is still in the process of hiring for it.

In fact, the studio just put out a call for a level designer to “help prove an innovative game concept in the early stages of development.” Riot said in the job listing that the team is “still small” and is operating in an “ambiguous environment where goals and constraints are mostly team-driven.”

And to help temper your runaway expectations, project lead Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street put out a post on the MMO’s design, saying, “One thing I can say about ‘unannounced’ MMORPG is that you won’t all love every feature in it. We’re going to make some choices that you may not agree with. Players want different things in their games. That’s fine. Some of you (shudder) may not love the game at all. Also fine.”

Several follow-up tweets from Street addressed the streaming culture, the leveling experience, player feedback, social toxicity, and time investment. He did say that he didn’t “want to get into specific features yet” but that players should know that he loves him some dungeons and raids. He emphasized that Riot won’t have anything to show on the game “for a long time” — definitely nothing in 2021.

“It will almost certainly have RPG systems like stats, gear, dungeons. We’re not ready yet to talk about how much it is or is not like other games out there,” Street also clarified. He then added: “I have been preparing my whole life for this.”

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