Rumor: What the heck is Riot’s ‘Project T’?


If you’ve spent any time surfing Riot’s hiring ads or press releases, you probably know that the company has a whole lot of multiplayer games cooking, many of which will probably never make it to a finished state. The Riot MMORPG that we’ve all been watching, for example, is just one of several titles. Well, here’s another one, courtesy of a fan who’s spent way too much time thumbing through hiring ads: Project T.

Redditor RiotMMO (yeah, he’s a fan) has strung together a long list of tweets and rumors and hiring pitches that suggest the game in development is a AAA MMOFPS with PvP, a global economy, player housing, character progression, and seasons, aimed at a wide audience of players.

Now, it’s possible that these job listings are for multiple titles, and it’s certainly a little bit weird that Project T was initially mentioned by this codename in some of them and then stripped out. It’s also possible that this title has already been scrapped, isn’t what it appears to be from the hiring ads, or is related to the MMORPG, which may not or may no longer be an MMORPG. We don’t know. But it’d certainly be interesting to see a new MMOFPS with serious MMORPG chops that isn’t just another looter-shooter. Bin it under rumors and keep an eye out.

Source: Reddit
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