Greg Street clarifies Riot MMO progress: ‘It is going great. The team is so stacked.’


A few weeks ago, Riot Games’ Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street came out on Twitter to give a bit of an update on how things are going for the Runeterra MMORPG that he’s leading. Some outlets — not us, mind you, but others — misconstrued his statements to mean that the project was somehow tanking.

That led Street to post some clarifying remarks on Twitter this week about his intention and the project as a whole:

A few weeks ago I made a tweet where I intended to emphasize what a commitment I had made to this MMO. Some players and media latched onto the “might never ship” part and extrapolated that the development was not going well. Spoiler: It is going great. This team is so stacked.

But there is no guarantee any game in this business will ship. Anyone who makes that promise is essentially saying they will ship even if the game is disappointing. We won’t ship a disappointing game. (We also won’t crunch just to make sure the game is as good as it can be.)

Do I think Riot will launch an MMO at some point? Absolutely. There are so many good reasons to do it. Maybe I am not the right leader, or this is not the right team, or our design isn’t the right one. But the company will keep at it until the game is worthy of your expectations.

Source: Twitter
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