Build and battle steampunk machines in new multiplayer shooter Steamcraft


If you’re into steam-powered machines and the construction — and subsequent explosive destruction — thereof, then you might be interested to know that steampunky vehicular-combat sandbox Steamcraft has just hit Steam’s proverbial shelves. Boasting an “advanced construction system” with “over 600 construction components and 40 weapons,” Steamcraft allows players to piece together uniquely madcap vehicles, from tanks to airships, outfitted with a slew of devastating armaments and then ride them into battle against other players in a variety of game modes, including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag.

As players win battles, they’ll unlock new parts that they can use to upgrade their battle machines, and the most enterprising of machinists can construct and sell custom creations to earn in-game currency that they can use to fund their future war efforts. If you want to check out the game in action and take a look at some of the bizarre contraptions you’ll be able to create, be sure to feast your eyes on the official trailer just below.

Source: Steam

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Sounds very similar to Crossout, which has an amazing vehicle-building system.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Neat little game. Tested it a while back and the ability to build your vehicles from the ground up was pretty cool. I just suck at these kind of games, but it’s worth a look for sure.

Ronald Duck

Can you recommend something similar to Steamcraft?

Jim Bergevin Jr

To be honest, I haven’t really played anything that is similar other than the typical big name battle royale game. I haven’t played the game that DeadlyAccurate mentioned above, so I can’t compare that.

The ability to build your vehicles literally from scratch is pretty unique, especially with the ability to sell them (or the blueprints) to other players. There is also a test arena where you can try out your build to make sure it works – which certainly came in handy for me.