Final Fantasy XI prepares for the Feast of Swords and White Mage adjustments

For you it's all in a day.

It’s the end of an era in Japan. That’s not figurative; the transition to a new emperor means that it’s the end of the Heisei era and the start of the Reiwa era. As a result, the next version update for Final Fantasy XI will be the first update of the Reiwa era, which means that the start of the new era will be marked by White Mages getting Protectra V and Shellra V moved to scrolls instead of Merit Points. Don’t laugh, it means better merit options for the job, it’s a significant change!

May also brings with it the Feast of Swords, starting on May 1st and running through May 14th. Imbue yourself with magic and seek out the thieves who would steal ceremonial armor, then receive rewards for your performance; it’s a familiar routine, enhanced by the change in era in the real world.

Unrelated aside from publisher, there’s also a new set of Final Fantasy XIV music available for purchase for those of you who can’t get enough of “A Land Long Dead” in-game. (And who could?)