Albion Online changes land auctions and hellgate rewards with its latest patch

Mommy and Daddy and Mommy and Daddy are fighting again.

From this point on, you’ll be going in blind to land auctions inĀ Albion Online. The newest patch has changed the way bidding for land works by switching to a blind auction system, with other player bids no longer visible. You can see the previous winning bid and your own bid, but beyond that you just have to guess and hope you’re outbidding your competitors. That means there will be some uncertainty about who actually has the winning bid until the end, which is sort of the whole nature of an auction.

The patch is also fixing some bugs and addressing an issue with hellgate rewards, which previously were too low and have thus been revisited across the board. Full-loot PvP hellgates in particular have gotten rewards improved, while item power scaling for the yellow zone has been decreased significantly. Players will have to give these changes a test drive to see how they alter the overall landscape of the title, which is still doing nicely after the free-to-play transition; you can check out our PvP-centered impression of the title or our most recent stream just below.


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