Overwatch’s 30th hero, Baptiste, has officially joined the fray

I do crimes.

The doctor will see you now — you better hope you’re on his good side, though. Overwatch’s 30th hero, the combat medic Baptiste, is live this week, and he can give life just as quickly as he can take it away. Armed with a mean submachine gun and an array of high-tech healing devices, Baptiste brings a smorgasbord of new gameplay opportunities to Blizzard’s competitive shooter.

After being Orphaned during the Omnic Crisis, Baptiste fell in with the sinister terrorist outfit Talon, but he’s since mended his ways and now seeks to atone for his wrongdoings by using his skills for good rather than evil. His biotic launcher can dish out damage while also firing healing grenades that can provide long-range AoE healing, while his Regenerative Burst ability provides Baptiste and nearby allies with a potent HoT. He can even fend off the grip of death itself with his Immortality Field, and his Amplification Matrix can give his team a little extra oomph for those big assaults. You can check out Baptiste in action in his official launch trailer below – or join in the grumbling over his potency on Reddit.

Source: Press Release

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