Path of Exile teams up with Kakao to publish in Korea


Opening service in a new region is always an exciting sign of success for a game, so it’s good news to hear that Path of Exile has teamed up with Kakao Games to publish a localized version of the game in South Korea. The localized version will feature full Korean language support, local servers for low latency, simultaneous releases with the game’s English version, and the same business model as the current game. You don’t even need to have a cell phone.

Meanwhile, the team is hard at work improving the game in the second week after the Synthesis update, with a full set of updates planned to improve overall stability and quality of life. This includes multiple bug fixes as well as reductions in the number of additional monsters spawned with Betrayal Intervention encounters and changes to Betrayal encounters in maps and elsewhere. Check out the full rundown to get the details on how the Synthesis experience is getting upgraded.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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I live in Korea and it usually sucks for me because it means region-block and I’m cut off from English clients and game communities. I have to use a vpn to get around it. Sometimes it doesn’t work like with FFXIV when it came to Korea. I lost access to my account even with a vpn. Hope that’s not the case here. It happened also with Age of Conan, though I never even heard of anyone playing that game here.

Hikari Kenzaki

Importing a game to Korea. It must be opposite day.

In all seriousness, this is pretty good news. Congrats to them.

Bryan Correll

It worked out for Starcraft.