Sea of Thieves introduces the Ashen Lords with today’s update


It’s all over in Sea of Thieves, because you now have to fight skeletons covered in fire. Yes, the Ashen Lords arrive on the high seas, and that means aside from having to fight off skeleton pirates they’re also setting your wooden boat on fire and generally being… you know, on fire. Fire is hot and difficult to deal with when it’s not on a skeleton. So you can fight back against the Ashen Lords, but maybe it’s just better to welcome your new flaming skeletal overlords.

Of course, there is the fact that you can ultimately take one of their skulls and use it as a portable flamethrower of your very own (possibly while making “wakka-wakka-wakka” noises), so that’s a good thing. And hey, there are ways to get paid handsomely for successfully taking out the skeletons. So perhaps there’s something good to come out of being surrounded by flaming skeletons after all. Check out the full trailer just below, or the complete set of patch notes for more of the changes coming along with the Ashen Lords.

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