PlanetSide 2 releases its massive Escalation update to PS4 today, promises future PC update parity


Nearly eight months’ worth of PC updates for PlanetSide 2 will finally arrive to PlayStation 4 players today with the Escalation update in what is being touted as the multiplayer shooter’s biggest content release yet.

Bastion Fleet Carriers, the Colossus Heavy Tank, the War Assets feature, the Sanctuary social hub; it’s all part of this update, along with several new weapons and the promise of a large number of bug fixes and performance updates.

There are still a few features from the PC version missing on the PS4 version, such as Outfit Wars and construction features. On the subject of Outfit Wars, those are going to be adjusted based on PC player feedback, according to a write-up by executive producer Andy Sites.

In that same Reddit post, Sites acknowledges that PS4 updates have been few and far between, but the devs at Daybreak’s Rogue Planet Games are hoping to improve on the release cadence for console fans. “Going forward, our PS4 releases will be much more in-line with PC releases timing. This includes the next major game update we’ve been teasing over the past several weeks,” he promises.

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