Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.2 Rise of a New Sun is live today with housing and glamour updates

It's time for Final Fantasy XIV players to rejoice and get used to not knowing quite how anything works again! Yes, it's the day...
Only 90s kids

Check out a (very brief) Venom trailer for Marvel Heroes Omega

If you were into comic books in the '90s, you probably remember a point where Venom was all over everything. He was like Spider-man,...

Check out footage of Blade & Soul’s Maestro in action

If you were hoping for some reason that the Maestro in Blade & Soul would be all about conducting a stirring symphony, that's definitely...
Well, here we go.

Final Fantasy XIV posts its trailer for patch 3.5

The last patch of this expansion cycle for Final Fantasy XIV goes live on January 17th, and as usually happens, we've got a brand-new...
Can't wait to see what's next here?

Peria Chronicles posts a new trailer in advance of G-Star 2016

G-Star 2016 is just around the corner, and that means that Western MMO fans can dazzle at the numerous Korean MMOs on display whilst...

World of Warcraft offers up an introductory course on artifact weapons

Artifact weapons are no doubt one of the tentpole features of World of Warcraft: Legion, yet as a new system, there's bound to be...

Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder is live today

Ready to team up with some big heroes and slay some big enemies? Neverwinter's next expansion, Storm King's Thunder, is live today, tasking players...
Perhaps not such good value for bat-men, but they have enough money.

The Daily Grind: Has a trailer ever convinced you to give an MMO a shot?

Companies pay a lot of money to make good trailers. We all know this. The latest World of Warcraft intro cinematic didn't cost $3.50...

Tencent reveals Transformers Online, a team-based Chinese shooter

Do you lie awake at night and think that what would really compete with Overwatch is a team-based shooter based on Transformers? Apparently, the...

Skyforge releases its one-year anniversary trailer

The anniversary event for Skyforge has been running for a little while and is scheduled to come to an end very soon on July...
This is fine, we're fine, are you fine? Everyone's fine.

No Man’s Sky offers new trailer on trade

What's better than re-watching old trailers while waiting for No Man’s Sky to launch on the PS4 in a little over two weeks? How...
A dragon's dog, Ma.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is launching its season 2 update on June 30th

You can buy Dragon's Dogma on Steam right now for on sale (as with most things on Steam right now), so it's entirely plausible...
Why would the head of a matriarchal society wear skintight leather? That doesn't even pretend to make any sense.

Skyforge players face off against Akonita’s invasion

Players of Skyforge are no strangers to fighting off invasions. There's an invasion of the planet of Aelion every ten minutes or so, after...

Twin Saga shares its story premise in a new trailer

Do you remember Twin Saga? We first heard about it a month ago, but it's been a bit quiet since then. Perhaps you had...

Final Fantasy XIV unveils its trailer for patch 3.3

You've heard about everything that's coming with Final Fantasy XIV's next major patch. The Final Steps of Faith. The Weeping City of Mhach. Sohr...

League of Legends’ next character is an evil world-crushing space dragon

You can read headlines, can't you? League of Legends has released a trailer for its next character. It's a dragon. An evil dragon that...

Trinium Wars introduces the Narc race

The Narc race for upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO Trinium Wars looks kind of adorable. Big fluffy ears, big eyes, delicate features... all the stuff you'd...
Happiness is a warm - yes it is - gun!

Perfect World Entertainment announces Livelock, a top-down cooperative shooter

How do you feel about robots shooting other robots? If you would rate your feelings in that department as "Strongly Positive" or better, you...
This game involves a lot more anime boobs than the games it's based upon.

Civilization Online offers two open beta trailers

The open beta for Civilization Online is starting on December 2nd in South Korea. Is it ever starting in the US? We still don't...
This guy is decked out in armor. THAT is a talent, even.

Eternal Crusade shows off a trailer’s worth of alpha footage

It's entirely possible that you're very interested in what Eternal Crusade is doing with its gameplay but not quite interested enough to throw down...