Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder is live today

Ready to team up with some big heroes and slay some big enemies? Neverwinter’s next expansion, Storm King’s Thunder, is live today, tasking players with facing off against the frost giants invading Icewind Dale. That means traveling into Bryn Shander and eventually pushing all the way to Fangbreaker Island, facing off against the beasts of the wilderness as well as the large and rather grouchy giants stomping about the rime-coated land.

Three new adventure zones and a new tier three dungeon are the central features of the expansion, which also includes adjustments for Hunter Rangers, Guardian Fighters, and Scourge Warlocks. You can check out the launch trailer and screenshots just below, or you can just jump into the game and start exploring the 10th expansion to the lands surrounding Neverwinter.

Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release
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