Dragon’s Dogma Online is launching its season 2 update on June 30th

A dragon's dog, Ma.

You can buy Dragon’s Dogma on Steam right now for on sale (as with most things on Steam right now), so it’s entirely plausible that you might play the game and think that it would make for a great online game. Apparently, Capcom agreed, as Dragon’s Dogma Online is not only out but receiving a major update at the end of the month. Steparu has previewed the update, which features new areas, new dungeons, new bosses, new skills, and many other things with the word “new” preceding them.

The game is also making older content more accessible and giving players access to the full range of vocations within the game. Unfortunately, the game is still only in Japanese, although there are places you can look for translations and the like. Check out the update trailer just below if you’re proficient in Japanese or just want to hope that the game will come out locally sooner rather than later.

Source: Steparu
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