Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.2 Rise of a New Sun is live today with housing and glamour updates

It’s time for Final Fantasy XIV players to rejoice and get used to not knowing quite how anything works again! Yes, it’s the day of patch 4.2, and that means new dungeons, new MSQ installments, new trials, the next stage of Omega, system changes, more housing, new glamour systems… enough stuff that you can’t fit all of it into one breath, in short. You will have a full docket of stuff to unlock and explore when you log on.

Of course, some of it is remaining locked, at least for the moment; the new housing areas aren’t open for purchase until sometime next week, for example, and there are more features rolling out with the next major intermediary patch. But for now you can check out the trailer below, start the patch download, and get ready for the latest installment of the game’s large and impressive patch cycle.

Is that not enough for you? Well, you can look forward to the game’s next holiday event for the annual Valentione’s Day celebration (you can get a pair of half-heart-shaped chair mounts), or you can dive into the new optional items like the big flying panda mount. Yes, a panda. Don’t say no to it.

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Kawaii Five-O

The new glamour dresser/plate system leaves a lot to be desired. /isearch won’t turn up results for things that have been converted into glamours, which stinks because now there’s no way to ‘Try On’ converted dungeon gear with items I don’t own.

The inability to save a hairstyle with a glamour plate diminishes it’s usefulness to a degree, as that would have a been real boon to using the system, and just seems like such an obvious oversight.

Also, please for the love of the Twelve, add a glam dresser as a furnishing. Having to go to an inn anytime I want to play around with creating a new outfit (and the only way to access a large portion of my vanity gear) is a major pain. Only having 200 slots and 10 plates to top it off is pretty frustrating too.

Dagget Burmese

So Amoires are now obsolete? Can’t think of a reason to store anything in them now.

Kawaii Five-O

Not obsolete in the slightest. Items that can be stored in the armoire can’t even be converted into glamours in the dresser. You can, however, use items in the armoire in conjunction with a glamour plate and without taking up those precious 200 slots in the glamour dresser.

So, the armoire is just as important as ever.