Apex Legends dataminers unearth Battle Pass details, potential new game mode


So far, all we know about Apex Legends’s upcoming Battle Pass is that it exists and will be introduced to the game when its first season begins in March, but dataminers have dug up some information that suggests it will come in both free and paid varieties. This is admittedly not a particularly groundbreaking discovery — PUBG, Fortnite, and even Rocket League use similar models, and at this point it’s pretty much become the genre standard to provide paid and unpaid battle pass tiers, with the paid tiers generally providing more plentiful and/or exclusive rewards.

Perhaps more interestingly, however, is the evidence suggesting that the game will be receiving a new mode tentatively known as Recruit. Analysis of the game’s code seems to indicate that this game mode will pit three teams of 20 players against one another, and reviving a downed player will recruit them onto your team. Other than that, standard battle royale rules seem to apply, and the last team standing will take home the win.

While Respawn Entertainment hasn’t provided any official word on any of this datamined information — and probably won’t anytime in the immediate future — it has recently released the game’s second patch, which focused on improving the game’s stability and performance. Both the PC and console versions of the game received fixes for a couple of particularly annoying bugs, including one that gave Mirage’s abilities the literally gamebreaking power to potentially crash the game, and the PS4 and Xbox One versions have received a few console-specific stability improvements as well.

Oh, and perhaps you’ve heard of the player-driven initiative to get Respawn to add a skin for Pathfinder to make him look like Chappie, the eponymous robot from Neil Blomkamp’s 2015 film? Well, it’s looking increasingly possible that it might actually happen, as both Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella and Blomkamp himself have voiced their approval. Of course, nothing’s official yet, and there’s probably a whole bunch of licensing hoopla that would have to get sorted out first, but hey, it’s a start.


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Battle Passes are pretty good models imo, at least when done in a similar manner to Fortnite or Paladins. They’re like a shorter term version of DotA 2’s Compendiums and once you buy into it you can either just play a truckload to get all the things or you can pay additional money to boost up to whatever rewards you want (similar to the Compendiums). It’s a nice mix of time/effort vs money and gives you a nice smorgasbord of cosmetics and vanity items, and usually there’s a free variant that gives you some goodies even if you don’t buy into it, so it’s a nice deal all around imo. Especially since buying skins or cosmetics individually can be much more pricy in nature, and it doesn’t feel impossible to play (instead of pay) your way to getting the big special skins at the end of them.

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David Bresson

Agreed, I’m much more fine with an optional battle pass purchase making the company money, rather than resorting to gambling (loot boxes) to do so.

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Tobasco da Gama

Is this missing a link to the datamine?

I don’t like Pathfinder’s Legendary skins, but I’ll gladly take the free lootboxes from the Twitch link anyway. Free lootboxes are the only ones I’ll ever open. ;)