Closers update reopens Gremory’s Laboratory andintroduces contribution point system


The latest update for Naddic Games’s anime brawler Closers has reintroduced Gremory’s Laboratory, added the contribution point system, and implemented a slew of quality-of-life upgrades. Gremory’s Advanced Laboratory is open for business once more, and it also brings with it the new “Transcendental” PNA Grade, allowing Special Strains to be upgraded to transcendental level five. The update also introduces the contribution point system. As players complete daily and weekly objectives, they’ll be rewarded with contribution points, which can then be exchanged for “fantastic prizes.”

Closers also received a number of quality-of-life improvements with this update. In addition to reducing the game client’s load time, the update also introduced the skill preset system, which allows players to create different skill loadouts for PvE and PvP combat rather than having to manually switch skills between the two activities. On top of that, players can now add some flair to their messages thanks to in-game emojis. There has also been some class rebalancing, though the patch notes don’t specify what exactly has been rebalanced. Nevertheless, if you want to check out the full patch notes for yourself, they’re available over at the game’s official site.

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