Apex Legends kicks off its second season with an altered arena and a new legend

Order from disorder.

The Apex Games are back in full swing, as Apex Legends has just kicked off its second season. Dubbed Battle Charge, the new season marks the battlefield debut of the game’s newest legend, the electrifying Natalie “Wattson” Paquette. As the daughter of the Apex Games’ lead electrical engineer, Wattson helped to design the very arena into which she now enters as a combatant. With an array of area-control and support skills at her disposal, the electrical-engineering wunderkind is sure to energize her teammates and leave her enemies in shock.

In addition, returning competitors will find that Kings Canyon isn’t quite how they remember it. Thanks to the meddling of a mysterious shadowy figure who brought down the arena’s Repulsor Tower, the land’s native beasts have been allowed to run rampant, causing “destruction that has left certain areas of the map unrecognizable.” While trying to repair some of the damage, the maintenance crews also took the opportunity to add some new features to the arena, and “the lack of Legends have allowed certain areas of Kings Canyon to stabilize and grow.”

And of course, with a new season comes a new Battle Pass, which arrives alongside new daily and weekly challenges that players can complete to rise through the ranks and earn valuable rewards, including the all-new music packs, emotes, and loading screens, plus fresh weapon skins, legend skins, and more. For the full details on the game’s second season, you can check out the patch notes over on the game’s subreddit.

Source: Press Release, Official Site, Patch Notes
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