Bai can now reach a new level of power in the latest Closers patch


I’ll admit that I’m not following the lore of Closers very closely, so it took me a moment to process that there’s a group called “Task Force Sword & Girls” in the game’s canon. After some consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to watch an anime named Task Force Sword & Girls, but until such time as that anime is made, the character Bai can now be upgraded to join this task force and get some new powers in the process.[AL:Clo]

The most recent patch to Closers will let Bai players who are level 83 upgrade her to join this new task force, netting themselves a new Rank ID, costume, visual frames, and a new skill with an EX variant. This new update also brings back the Trial of the Disk combat challenge until Tuesday, July 29th, and a couple of events related to both activities.

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