Bai can now reach a new level of power in the latest Closers patch


I’ll admit that I’m not following the lore of Closers very closely, so it took me a moment to process that there’s a group called “Task Force Sword & Girls” in the game’s canon. After some consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to watch an anime named Task Force Sword & Girls, but until such time as that anime is made, the character Bai can now be upgraded to join this task force and get some new powers in the process.

The most recent patch to Closers will let Bai players who are level 83 upgrade her to join this new task force, netting themselves a new Rank ID, costume, visual frames, and a new skill with an EX variant. This new update also brings back the Trial of the Disk combat challenge until Tuesday, July 29th, and a couple of events related to both activities.