Rapper T-Pain goes to bat for Apex Legends devs who are facing harassment


Earlier in the week Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment openly spoke out against the toxic portions of its playerbase, outlining a zero tolerance policy for those who believe harassment of the shooter’s dev team is how you get it to fix problems. While the statement has gotten plenty of support from fans and game devs alike, it’s also gotten a unique voice of encouragement: rap artist T-Pain.

In an expletive-filled subtweet (which means that link is NSFW because of language), the artist backs Respawn’s assertion and calls out the ridiculousness of such player behavior. “Play something else if you hate it so much bro,” T-Pain writes. “Walk away from your PC/console if you’ve become so consumed by a game that you feel the need to threaten the [people] that work hard to make it. […] It’s a f**king game my dude.”

T-Pain, an avid streamer of games himself, is certainly no stranger to stepping up for developers and fighting back against unruly gamers. For example, one of his TikTok videos has him facing a litany of Call of Duty players throwing racist slurs at him, prompting him to respond by hunting them down in-game and absolutely slaughtering them over and over again.

sources: Twitter and TikTok via Kotaku
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