Embers Adrift talks enemy leashes, crafting revamps, and classes in latest video


The weekly video addresses from Embers Adrift continue to rumble forth, and this week’s episode grants another round of discussion, gameplay previews, and patch notes reading; regular viewers know the drill by now.

On the subject of those patch notes from last week, they outline launcher updates, tech improvements, and bug fixes, as well as updates to enemy leash lengths, the addition of eight new crafting professions, and updated monolith travel costs. The video provides some extra context on these new additions, discussing what the devs are seeking in terms of feedback for each feature.

The video then moves on to discussions about the game’s classes, talking about some of the existing class roles and playstyles, confirming that caster classes will not be available until sometime soon™ – perhaps in an expansion – and the community manager Elloa talking about some of her favorite classes. Finally, the second half of the video offers the customary live gameplay from the beta.

source: YouTube
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