Hearthstone’s Showdown in the Badlands releases, Overwatch 2 patches in a reworked Roadhog


It’s another bundle of Blizzard game news tied into one package, and this one is specifically for the digital CCG and team-based shooter fans, as both Hearthstone and Overwatch 2 have some fresh headlines to share.

The biggie for Hearthstone is the launch of its Showdown in the Badlands expansion, which brings with it the new Quickdraw and Excavate keywords along with legendary outlaw minions for several of the CCG’s classes. All told, the expansion has 145 new cards for players to look forward to.

Meanwhile in Overwatch 2, the shooter’s latest patch features a rework of Roadhog that’s built around improving his frontline tank presence while reducing the consistent deadliness enemy players faced with his hook combo. Specifically, his primary shot still deals heavy close-range damage but now also has some more reliable DPS at longer range, his secondary fire has been replaced with a new resource-regenerating Take a Breather, and he now has the Pig Pen ability that sets a slowing trap. The patch otherwise makes some bug fixes.

sources: press release, Hearthstone site, Overwatch 2 site
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