Throne & Liberty KR’s latest security measures end up locking out overseas players


Were you among those who were accessing the Korean version of Throne & Liberty ahead of its global launch later this year? Well you might now be caught behind a wall that NCsoft has thrown up, as new security requirements intended to stop account theft has had the knock-on effect of halting foreign player access to the MMO.

T&L will now require those who are accessing the game to verify both their account and the device they’re playing on via a Korean phone number. Fansite Throne and Liberty Online has already sorted out a couple of different ways for western players to get through this new verification system, but there are quite a few hoops to jump through all the same. Furthermore, verification of data is now a consistent requirement, so it will be up to fans whether all of these extra steps are worth it or they should just wait until Amazon Games ties down a publish date for our side of the globe.

Meanwhile, this week saw another content patch that opens a new Sanctuary of Desire instance, adjusts the Turane Ruins area and its events, tweaks several skills, and applies changes to several field bosses including the venerable Queen Blendy, Long May She Reign.

sources: Throne & Liberty Online via, official KR site (1, 2)
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