Hearthstone is happy with reception to Showdown in the Badlands but touches up some cards in latest patch


Getting the balance of a digital TCG is going to be an endless effort, especially when a new card set is added, but by and large it looks as if Hearthstone’s Showdown in the Badlands release went over pretty well with players according to Blizzard. Even so, the studio is making a few card tweaks all the same.

“We’re seeing players having fun, exploring, and having success with a variety of decks and strategies,” the notes open. “This is a lighter patch based on early data, designed just to hit the biggest feels and power outliers.” Sure enough, the patch makes some minor tweaks to some of the new expansion’s cards, most of which are landing on the nerf side without necessarily killing strategies that have arisen.

The rest of the patch has primarily made power adjustments to a wide assortment of Battlegrounds minion cards, applied a few tweaks to certain anomaly effects, and made some overall bug fixes and improvements. It’s not a beefy patch, but the balance knobs being turned are likely important for fans to note all the same.

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