Pantheon Rise of the Fallen outlines updates made to the MMORPG, readies more recaps and letters


This month’s producer’s letter from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen continues to move through the game’s returned MMORPG testing details, with a summary of work done to the game’s current build, plans for future highlights and recaps, and a quick summary of the death of 247 extraction.

For the most part the additional links hearken back to previous showcases that claimed 247 was beneficial and then further talk about MMORPG testing’s return. Otherwise it notes work on backend architecture improvements, better animations, character model and animation updates, new and improved areas, and additional visual effects and music, among several other things.

The post also has the customary calendar of events, with a November pre-alpha recap scheduled for December 7th, a dev Q&A for December 14th, a producer’s letter on December 21st, and the start of content creator week on December 24th.

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