Pantheon Rise of the Fallen talks about the return of 24-hour MMO testing and a shift of dev mindset


Now that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is moving away from its proposed standalone 247 extraction mode in favor of testing the MMORPG that fans actually put Kickstarter funds in to, the studio appears to be taking a generally reflective and apologetic stance in its most recent Q&A video, which talks about the return of MMORPG testing and a shift in studio focus.

“Moving forward, we’re gonna have to have a different mindset towards what we show and what we give access to,” says creative director Chris “Joppa” Perkins at one point in the video. “It’s a change we have to make for the sake of the health of our team and community. We have to do it.”

This means that Visionary Realms will now focus less on adding its idea of complete features and instead put forth even earlier versions of features for testing. On the subject of testing, the PvE MMORPG will be running for 24 hours starting this Saturday, November 18th, which will let in the usual high-dollar backers as well as alpha pledge buyers. The test build is expected to introduce the Warrior class either this Saturday or sometime next week, as well as the Avender’s Pass zone sometime in the future. The full video awaits below.

sources: YouTube, Reddit
As of this afternoon, VR has also posted its own recap of the discussion; it clarifies that the MMO will return online tomorrow at 1 p.m. EST with a range of changes from group size and instancing to questing and death. It also reiterates its funding ideas going forward, saying the game isn’t out of money.

“We are considering different options such as a lower barrier of entry to testing or potentially an early access subscription down the road. We are exploring ideas and imagine new ones will come up. We also have supportive investors. It is important to note that Pantheon isn’t out of money, but we want to accelerate development to finish the game sooner.”


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