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Massively Overthinking: Do MMO betas rob you of launch joy?

I use to think of betas as being unpaid labor for video game companies, but maybe I've been going about it all wrong. On...

Riot swears its Legends of Runeterra CCG won’t be pay-to-win

It's easy to assume that Legends of Runeterra, the digital CCG from the League of Legends universe, would be just chock-full of "surprise mechanics"...

Pirate101 and Wizard101 are both getting new card packs

Coming soon, Kingisle will simultaneously launch new card packs for both Wizard101 and Pirate101, bringing them directly to live with no stop on the...

The MOP Up: Warframe’s community designs stunning fashion

One really neat aspect of the ultra-popular Warframe is that Digital Extremes invites artistic community members to design cosmetics for the game. The best...

Elder Scrolls Legends will open the Jaws of Oblivion on October 8

Personally speaking, I thought that The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was the weakest of the original single-player RPGs. Perhaps that game's story beats will translate...

Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror, Overwatch’s Brick Challenge, and Blizzard’s Pencils of Promise charity sale

Even outside of World of Warcraft, Blizzard's been busy busy busy this week. First, take a peek at Hearthstone: The MMOTCG opened the Tombs of...

Hearthstone players cry foul over card artwork changes

Some Hearthstone players are accusing Blizzard of censorship after the game's latest update, which changed the artwork on a number of older cards. Although...

Elder Scrolls Online swaps midyear events over game performance, Elder Scrolls Legends launches Moons of Elsweyr

Traditionally, as we approach the middle of the year, Elder Scrolls Online pushes out the Midyear Mayhem PvP event. But you might have noticed...

The Dalaran Heist solo adventure lets Hearthstone players be E.V.I.L.

It's good to be bad, or in the case of Hearthstone's lore, it's great to be E.V.I.L. Players of the online CCG can now...

Elite Dangerous posts its April update patch notes and offers to fund a tabletop CCG

It's a tale of two Elite: Dangerous stories this week: On the one hand, the game has kicked out its new April update, and...

The Alliance War is coming to The Elder Scrolls Legends trading card game

The Ruby Throne is up for grabs in this new look at the Alliance War in Elder Scrolls Legends. The trading card game is...

Valve pledges to fix Artifact’s ‘deep-rooted issues’ in attempt to salvage the game

Things haven't been going particularly great for Artifact. Valve's digital card game, which launched in November of last year, has been rapidly hemorrhaging players...
So what WILL you take?

Blizzard wants to know why you’re not playing Hearthstone anymore

It seems that Blizzard's free(ish)-to-play digital TCG Hearthstone has hit a bit of a rough patch recently. According to PC Gamer, Blizzard COO Coddy...

Sheogorath returns as Elder Scrolls Legends launches the Isle of Madness expansion

Elder Scrolls Legends has officially rolled out Isle of Madness today, the next chapter for the MMOTCG. According to Bethesda, it's the game's largest...

South Korean MMO Astellia is coming westward in 2019, vows to steer clear of P2W

It's official: Astellia is launching in the west this year. "Let the Stars Guide You this Summer 2019," the official site says. As we've...

Elder Scrolls Legends is revealing Isle of Madness Friday as Chinese alpha begins

The Elder Scrolls Legends MMOTCG is getting a new content expansion called Isle of Madness! According to the announcement-of-an-announcement, Bethsoft will apparently be revealing...

Fight for the glory of the Loa in Hearthstone’s newly released Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion

There's not an empty seat in the house at Gurubashi Arena as spectators gather for Rastakhan's Rumble, the latest expansion to Blizzard's ever-popular digital...
laugh, then laugh again

Valve’s Artifact is live to ‘reimagine’ the online TCG genre

Trading card game fans know the name Richard Garfield well. The man created the legendary Magic: The Gathering back in the early 1990s, but...

Mythgard is a new digital CCG with urban fantasy flavor

Digital CCGs are all the rage these days, from digital-only titles like Blizzard's Hearthstone and Dire Wolf Digital's Eternal to adaptations of physical games...

Nexon previews MMOs including Astellia Online and Mabinogi Mobile ahead of G-Star

Next week, Korea Association of Game Industry (or K-GAMES) will be holding its annual G-Star trade show in Busan, bringing both Korean and overseas...