Harry Potter Magic Awakened devs promise to work ‘day and night’ following delay to 2023


Earlier this month, the foregone conclusion that mobile CCG Harry Potter: Magic Awakened wouldn’t make a 2022 release was officially confirmed as the devs announced a launch sometime next year. A letter from the Korean dev team went out shortly after, which provides a bit more context and a lot more apology according to a fan translation on Reddit.

The address promises that the team is “working hard day and night in the process of preparing a better environment, exclusive content and operating plans and content that will satisfy wizards all over the world,” which suggests that monetization plans are one of the primary reasons for the delay. The letter otherwise continues to apologize for the delay and acknowledges player concerns. “Before long, many wizards will be in front of Platform 9 ¾, getting on their train heading to Hogwarts and the adventures of the Wizarding World,” the post closes.

sources: Twitter, Reddit
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