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Owner of Turbine.

Original LOTRO and DDO creator Turbine Entertainment changes its name to WB Games Boston

As the Fourth Age begins, Turbine Entertainment retreats into the east where it will continue to be diminished. The studio that formerly brought us...
No, this isn't it.

Fortnite announces Deep Freeze Bundle coming to retail stores

The folks at Epic Games have announced that they're partnering with Warner Bros. Interactive to bring their popular battle royale title Fortnite to store...
No one weekend should have all that power.

The video game voice actor strike is on

The strike that U.S. screen actors guild SAG-AFTRA was threatening against video game studios will be going forward as planned, with the strike starting just after...

Gaming industry reports identify leading studios and online trends

Details strewn within a trio of industry reports offer clues as to the health and direction of online gaming in 2015. First up is a...

The Stream Team: MOBA Madness in SMITE and Infinite Crisis

It started as a one-off thing, but MassivelyOP's Mike Foster just can't stop the MOBA Madness. This week the stream's going into all-new territory,...

Indie Harry Potter MMO slapped with cease and desist

Let this be an important lesson to any would-be game designers: If you try to make a game based on a very well-known IP...

Former LOTRO employee dishes out behind-the-scenes secrets

There's always more to every story than is often told, which is why it's fascinating to come across accounts like this one by former...