You’re an MMOTCG, Harry: NetEase and Warner Bros. announce Harry Potter Magic Awakened


If you’re still mourning the January death of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, don’t worry: The franchise has yet another multiplayer wizarding world mobile title for you. It’s called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, and Portkey Games, Warner Bros., and NetEase are calling it a “free-to-play immersive collectible card (CCG) and massively multiplayer (MMO) wizarding dueling game featuring a blend of strategy roleplay (RPG).” I have no idea what any of that actually means; it basically looks like a mobile multiplayer card game.

“Co-developed and co-published by Warner Bros. Games and NetEase Games, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will launch globally later this year for iOS and Android as the latest title under Portkey Games, the label dedicated to creating new mobile and videogame experiences inspired by the Wizarding World that place the player at the centre of their own adventure. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a multiplayer wizarding dueling game that offers an immersive role-playing journey with deep strategy play that fulfills the fan fantasy – all beautifully rendered in a unique art style. Merging the talents of two gaming and online entertainment powerhouses, both companies collaborated on every aspect of development to ensure an accurate representation of the wizarding world, from early concepting and art design, to the story’s plot and overall gameplay system.”

“In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, players will begin as young witches and wizards who have just received their acceptance letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Fans can customize their own character and go on to experience all the hallmarks of a magical education including purchasing school supplies at Diagon Alley, wearing the Sorting Hat to be sorted into a House and competing in the Duelling Club. Witches and wizards will also embark on a riveting new story, featuring familiar faces from the original Harry Potter series and new characters alike. As players progress, they will learn spells and charms that can be cast through the form of cards. Players need to accumulate magical knowledge to master these spells, devise unique strategies and form winning combinations – learning what to cast and when – as they venture through increasingly challenging trials, duel other players and master the magic in their own illustrious wizarding journey.”

Apparently, it launched in China last fall and outperformed expectations, so now it’s launching here – this year, though pre-registration in the western world is open as of today through the official site and Android.

Source: Official site, press release
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