Trove announces plans for a weekend network test intended to ‘help shape the future’ of the MMO


Psst. Hey, Trove player. Yeah, you. You wanna “help shape the future” of your colorful little voxelbox world? Then you should totally check out the PTS because there’s an “extraordinary” network test going on between now and May 28th. It’s really, really important, kid. Trust me; I’m your friendly alley-skulking messenger guy. Ignore my grimy trenchcoat and this eyepatch. Just sells the vibe, promise.

…what do you mean “what’s in the test?” Didn’t you hear me? The devs are saying it’s “extraordinary” and about “the future” of the game! That’s all you need to know! Oh, also you can get yourself a pair of Dev Dream Boxes linked to your account for participating. See? Lookit these boxes. Totally dreamy. Totally important.

If you’re looking for instructions on how to get in to the PTS, they’re waiting in the Discord. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go. Some guy named Leon is nearby, and I have to offer him some weapons from beneath my trenchcoat here.

source: Discord via a totally not-shady alley cat informant
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