Voxelbox MMO Elteria Adventures goes pay-to-earn while promising a ‘true synergetic experience’

From blocky world to blockchain


If the name Elteria Adventures isn’t quite striking familiar to you, allow us a brief moment to recap: This sandbox MMO, which brought to mind Landmark at first blush, was initially covered by us in May 2020, showcasing a colorful world full of adorable monsters, destructible environments, and freeform building. The game went through a series of updates, the most drastic of which changed its world’s visuals to blocky voxels instead of smoothed ones. The game hit open alpha on Steam in 2021, and as of this past May we checked in to find updates still occurring despite half of the dev team hiding in bomb shelters in Ukraine.

That brings us to the game’s current news, specifically its Twitter account, which had fallen silent since this past February up until a new thread cropped up today, announcing that Elteria is now developing on the blockchain thanks to a partnership between its publisher Heatherglade and blockchain company Catheon Gaming, complete with all of the unfortunate NFT and pay-to-earn mechanics associated with it.

Despite the P2E shift, the devs promise in the thread that the integration will be gameplay focused.

“We noticed that most P2E games, while provide instruments to earn money, lack gameplay aspects. While in reality the gaming process turns out being a job rather than a game. Unlike them, Elteria aims to firstly provide a rich gameplay that is really fun even without P2E features!

“The Play & Earn features will be integrated into the gameplay to provide true synergetic experience and allow gamers to earn money while having great fun playing!”

In terms of NFTs, those will be brought into the game as purchasable islands that can be expanded, created pet NFTs, furnishing item NFTs, and the ability to bring in other purchased NFT items like clothes and NPCs into Elteria. A demonstration of one of the game’s new land NFTs is available in video form below. Unfortunately, this move will likely bring to a close our coverage of the game; add this one to the big list of MMOs that have fallen to the dark side of cryptocurrency.

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